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Business website tips for 2017

Business website. Does my business need a website

What is the point of a small business having a website?

1). It is vital to have an online presence, because 80% of consumers search for services online
2). It makes marketing a breeze as your website links all your media together
3). Professional credibility which strengthens your brand 
4). Your business website never sleeps (24/7 x 365)
5). Saves you time as it is like having another employee who gives out information
6). Customer service is going to be 40% online
7). Increase and diverse your target market, as everyone online is a potential customer
8). Affordable as you can start on a small plan and increase as your business grows
9). Google is the new encyclopaedia. Are you in it?
10). You do not need to have a BEE rating to get work online. You set the rules!

How to really make money online:

Do a search for your industry, and your location. If there are no specific sites aimed at your industry already then you have struck gold. If there are existing sites, you need to get online quickly because they are scooping all the work.
You can ask us for advise for your business website or get a plan designed by us, around your business so that 2017 starts off with a powerful boost of energy. Good luck, and never stop looking for opportunities.